Anonymous asked:

Chris trial was originally suppose to happen today right ? Well, why is his "girlfriend" hosting a party tonight in DC. You're right, she's a true opportunist. Like your nigga could've been sentenced today and you already made plans to turn up the night of his verdict.

sweetestthingiwrote answered:

That was the main reason she was in D.C to begin with. People can claim she was there for support but this was just convenient for her. I didn’t want to say it earlier because I ain’t care about her, I was more focused on Chris, but…. she is there to go to the club, she not about to be doing what his family will be doing tonight and that’s being together. If Chris had never been there today, and was only going to be seen monday, I bet money that she would’ve been in LA. This is why I say the definition of Loyalty is lost today. She wanted people to believe she was always and forever……..well now, that’s a two way street, can’t say he had never supported her. Her lifestyle currently is all thanks to him, that car, those club hosting, stamps in her passport, yea he taught her. But.. you mean to tell me that you can’t go and support your always and forever that you love without having a second reason? Yea ok. She damn well might be just a friend, but she still shady and that’s that. 



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